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Patience is a virtue.


60aWR was a 3 year play off with planning, our first application was a proposal of 3 x 2bed houses, the initial feedback from the officer was negative, suggesting that this was overcrowding so we withdrew the application and proposed a coach house containing two two bed dwellings as depicted to the left. This was proposed on the footprint of the existing outbuilding, and had significant input from our heritage award wining contractor The Pure Group. Spec included hand made clay tiles and ....   Unfortunately after several modifications based on the planning officers feedback we still had to go to appeal where we were turned down.

Our final application was a single 3 bedroom dwelling on the original footprint again but with an extension on the front. Despite opposition from a local councillor this was passed unanimously by the entire planning committee.  

Scheme 1

Scheme 1 was a design for 3 x 2bedroom dwellings. Inspiration was taken from a similar local scheme in Hove Street, which can be seen in the design and access statement below. 

Initial feedback from the planning officer was not favourable so we withdrew the application.

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Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 09.04.31.png
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Scheme 2

Scheme 2 was a coach house consisting of two 2 bedroom dwellings. Full details of the scheme can be seen in the Design and Access statement to the right.

jpeg NWR SSA 001a ~ Site Section AA amen
Jpeg NWR SSB.001a ~ Site section BB amen

Scheme 2.1 involved rotating the coach house 90º so it sat across the back wall, inline with the planning officers comments with regard to how a coach house historically would have been positioned.

jpeg NWR LAND 001a ~ Landscaping amendme

Scheme 3

Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 13.14.41.png

Scheme 3, we reverted back to a previous application where we got permission to convert the existing outbuilding. So on the same footprint with a front extension and a lower hipped roof, we put in our final scheme for a new build 3 bedroom coach house. The councils decision to approve the scheme was unanimous.

Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 13.14.21.png


The existing outbuilding has been demolished and the site has been cleared ready for construction Jan 2021

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